If you have know me for any length of time then you know Fall (Autumn) is my favorite time of year! This morning I woke up to fallen leaves, crisp air, and the happiness getting to wear my favorite cardigan. If there is a State that has fall-like weather year round; please let me know!

With Fall being "in the air" I thought it would be fitting to list out five of my favorite pumpkin farms between Southern Maryland and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Why the two places? Because, I live smack dab in the middle and spend my time in both areas!

Snead's Asparagus Farm

My family went to Sneads (located in Fredericksburg, VA) for the first time last year and we had SO MUCH FUN! It is by far the best pumpkin farm that we have been to in a very long time. They had an awesome "nature like" park for the kiddos, vendors with amazing snacks, and fields of pumpkins, sunflowers, and even Christmas trees! The only downside is you have to pay additionally for a pumpkin. So, I recommend taking your kids to Walmart beforehand or afterwards since they charge by the pound!

Braehead Farm

Braehead (located in is such a good farm all year round. We have been going here for many years! First, they have a huge outdoor play area for the kids. It's also fenced which makes it perfect for letting them run lose while Mom and Dad relax. Second, they have the BEST pies! I love their blueberry and their blackberry pie. You warm a piece in the microwave and add some vanilla ice cream and you have the perfect dessert! Third, they are reasonable priced and have all the traditional activities that you would expect from a pumpkin patch (hayrides, maze, sunflowers, etc.). Honestly, visiting Braehead anytime of year makes for a great day trip!

Forrest Hall Farm

If you live in Southern Maryland and haven't been to Forrest Hall Farm then I am not sure if you really live here! This is truly a family farm that makes you feel like family when you are there. They have tons of fresh produce, the best apple cider donuts, and lots of farm animals to pet. Their apple cider donuts are so good that if you want any I suggest getting there as soon as they open. We have made the mistake of getting there late and have missed out! In the market they have various types of apples freshly picked for purchase. Apples are not my absolute favorite but I never leave here without a peck of them. They truly are crisp, juicy, and a great fall snack.

Montpelier Farm

I actually haven't been here lately in a handful of years. Montpelier is located in PG county, so technically a little outside what I consider Southern Maryland but it's too popular not to mention. Montpelier being so popular is actually why we haven't been lately. With its popularity comes crowds and it can be overwhelming. As for the amount of fun it involves for the kids I say it's a solid 10/10. I have never met anyone who doesn't enjoy visiting this location.

Kings Dominion

So... this isn't exactly a pumpkin farm but it gives me major Halloweentown vibes. It's crazy to me how Kings Dominion can transform it's entire park and crew in a matter of weeks. We are season ticket holders since we live 45 minutes away so we make it a priority to take advantage of their seasonal events. They do a great job of having kid friendly activities during the day. Right at dusk is when it switches over to more "adult" aka scary activities. I have only gone to the haunted stuff one time and that was many years ago. While I didn't think it was all that scary back then it could be a different story now. I do know in the recent weeks they have implemented stricter rules after 5pm entry. I suggest checking their website or calling guest services if you have any questions.

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