There's a unique and unparalleled joy that comes with the arrival of a newborn, and I recently had the privilege of capturing those precious moments for sweet baby Wren at Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital. The phone call announcing her arrival filled me with excitement. The very next day I grabbed my camera bad and headed out to document Wren's first 48 hours in this world.

Medstar St. Mary’s Hospital has a wonderful labor and delivery suite, complete with private rooms that provide an ideal backdrop for preserving the early moments of a newborn's life. These rooms offer a peaceful space. This allowed me to capture the intimate interactions between baby Wren, her parents, and siblings without any interruptions. The abundance of natural light streaming through big, beautiful windows adds a touch of magic to the images, contributing to the creation of beautiful visual memories.

Wren entered the world surrounded by an abundance of love from her family, which includes her parents, her one-year-old sister, and her twelve-year-old brother. One of the most heartwarming aspects of this Fresh 48 session was documenting the reactions of Wren's siblings as they met her for the first time. The genuine emotions and pure joy expressed by the older brother and sister warmed my heart and also brought tears to my eyes. It was a testament to the beauty of new beginnings and the bonds that unite a family.

Newborn baby in hospital blanket with pacifier
Newborn baby umbilical cord photo.
Older brother touching his newborn sisters feet.
New Dad holding his newborn daughter for the first time.
Newborn baby girl during her fresh 48 session with a headful of hair.
Brand new mom in hospital bed after delivery with her three children.

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